The Evolution of Online Betting Industry in New Zealand

Gambling has a long history in New Zealand with sports betting like horse racing starting in the early 1900s, and online betting beginning in the mid-1990s. Since these early days, the country has become one of the biggest gambling nations in the world today. Each year kiwi players spend millions of dollars playing their favourite games on sites around the world. These days the only significant change that has happened in the industry is frequency, compared to the early days of gambling exponential amounts of money are now spent. Here is everything you need to know about the evolution of the online betting industry in New Zealand:


Online gambling first began in the late 1990s when there were only a few dedicated websites available for virtual casino play. In New Zealand, though, this did not last long as a law was signed in 2003 that made it illegal for any gambling-related websites to be hosted from the country. This law does not, however, extend to those who wish to bet online elsewhere. The meaning of this is that players in New Zealand are not stopped from playing on websites registered in other parts of the world. This has allowed the casino industry in New Zealand to grow year on year consistently since the beginning.

The Evolution

With how easy it has become to access all of your favourite games online it should come as no surprise that these days kiwis bet more than NZ$ 2 billion each year. This easily makes New Zealand one of the most active gambling nations in the world today. The reason for this can be almost completely attributed to the internet and how it has made so many things a lot simpler to do. Registering at a brand new casino has never been easier. This has ensured that those who do not typically gamble even have access if they would like.

Other Things To Mention

Kiwis also have a number of favourite games too including titles like Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, and above all pokies which are pretty much universally loved. Even though playing online is now the default choice for many it has not changed the amount of use land-based machines typically see. Slot machines specifically are very well used across the country.

If you have been wondering about the history of casinos in New Zealand for a while, now you know. Online casinos have given players a quick and easy way to access all of their favourite games at any time. Even though we might not gamble as it was done in the beginning the winning feeling remains the same.

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